All the Valnerina the Valley where the river Nera flows and the town of Norcia at the beginning of the Valley are famous in the world for the typical precious product of these lands: the black truffle also called “the black diamond” for its delicious flavor its limited production and also… for its price!

In ancient times truffles were considered “Gods’food” and were thought to have aphrodisiac characteristics. They were known and used by the ancient Babylonians Egyptians Greeks and Romans.

Truffle is an “hypogeal mushroom” it grows under the ground and in symbiosis with particular kinds of trees particularly with oaks. There are two kinds of truffles: Winter truffles more precious and delicate and more expensive and Summer truffles which have special very good taste and which are less expensive. You can find fresh truffles in Umbrian groceries in Winter from middle of November till middle of March and in Summer from June to the end of August or you can find them in every season preserved in glass jars.

Naturally you can taste them in every restaurant or little “trattoria” so frequent in the whole area where you’ll find very good local food and wines at very good prices. Its special perfume and taste make the truffle the main ingredient of the most refined Umbrian meals. The best ways to use it is in “bruschetta” grated and mixed with pure Umbrian olive oil and then put on toasted local bread slices or with “strangozzi” a particular kind of pasta made by flour and water without eggs or mixed in an omelette or for dressing of different kinds of meat or river fish.

Moreover Valnerina and Norcia are famous for sausages salamis and different kinds of cheese made by the milk produced on the highlands of the Sibillini Mountains Natural Park. Therefore take your luggage and… come to visit and taste the Valnerina!!!